Stencil Brush

These Stencil Brushes are densely packed with soft natural bristles are far superior to stencil brushes and other pouncing tools found in most craft stores. Handmade in France by the best brush artisans for more than 3 centuries

These specialty artist brushes are designed with rounded ferrules and flat tips to make it the ideal tool for stenciling. The soft, natural bristles allow you to create beautiful stencil effects ranging from solid graphics to soft shading. Because this stencil brush is densely packed, they hold more paint so that you can go farther before reloading your brush, and they won't leave any smudges.

The seamless aluminum ferrule and a very short handle make it very light and easy to work with.  No 8 Brush is approx 3/4" wide with 1" long bristles. The brush is 4" long including handle.