Fusion Fan Deck


This Fan Deck has large color swatches (2"x5") for the entire collection of paints, including the metallics. 

Don’t see the exact color in the Fusion range you’re looking for? There are also 50+ easy to follow recipes showing brand new colors. It accurately depicts 114 colors to help you choose for your project and Paint it BeautifulTM.

The Fan Deck is the perfect color choosing tool especially when picking fabrics, comparing  shades, finding matches to existing projects, etc.  The descriptions and color pairings on the back of each color offer you inspiration to let your creativity run wild.

We have created custom color recipes so you can achieve a range of colors outside of the current FUSION offering.  There are two types of recipes that are easy to follow along!

Mix 1 Tester into 1 Pint or 50/50 Mix ratio.  Easy Peasy!

We encourage you to experiment and create your very own unique custom blends!