Champagne GOLD Metallic Paint


Champagne Gold Metallic is a much softer paler gold, more sophisticated and modern. Think of it as the updated cousin of that timeless classic gold, where you don't want as much of a traditional darker gold depth but rather something that feels a touch light and airy. We think this color would be wonderful to customize table vases and candle holders for weddings and other holiday celebrations. And let's not forget furniture handles and knobs! 

 *Note Metallics are easier to use with a base color underneath and a dab of clear glaze added. Work in smaller sections and brush in one direction only to create smoother finish.

Fusion Mineral Paints have no VOC’s, superior durability, easy one-step self-leveling application and significantly improved adhesion and strength. Delivering an exceptional matte finish, this 100% acrylic paint requires minimal prep and no top coat!

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