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Proper Technique is Essential: Getting the proper results from Homestead House Milk Paint or Fusion™ Mineral Paint depends on the paint being applied correctly.

Improper technique will give poor results. The FAQ’s of this site has detailed instructions, how-to videos, and guides on the proper preparation and use of the products represented.

You can also take workshops in order to learn proper technique. We strongly recommend testing your methods before painting.

Color Accuracy: The colors represented online and in our promotional materials have been rendered digitally, and may not be identical in color when applied to your medium. The actual color of the applied paint will vary based on a number of factors including lighting, finish, top coat, and medium.

We recommend testing the paint on a piece of scrap material or a non-exposed surface before painting in order to see what the end result will be.

No Liability: Homestead House Paint Co. Inc. and Farmhouse Inspired assumes no liability whatsoever for losses or damages, including property damage, which results from misuse of its products, including improper technique, or failure to test methods and color accuracy before painting.

Are your Milk Paint and Fusion™ Mineral Paint safe ?

Our Paints are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), meaning they don’t contain solvents that off-gas as they dry. Unlike many other VOC-free paints, our pigments are also all-natural mineral based, and do not add any VOCs themselves.

We have put our paints through the most stringent testing available, and all of the results tell us that our paints are safe for regular use on furniture. Our milk paint and Fusion™ Mineral Paint have been certified to be non-toxic by the American Society for Testing and Materials, to the ASTM/D-4236 standard. This means that in that in the opinion of a toxicologist, there are no components of the paint that are present in form, volume, or concentration with the potential to produce chronic adverse health effects.

With all of that said, the potential effects of ingestion by a child over a long period of time has not been studied, and we can’t guarantee that there is no potential for harm. Our paints are certainly lower risk, and a far safer alternative than other latex or acrylic paints, however we recommend that you do your own research before using it on objects that children will be in close contact with.

Are the Fusion™ Tones for Tots™ safe ?

Fusion™ cares about you and your wee ones. Our Tones for Tots™ collection complies with both the lead and phlalate restrictions of the Toy Safety Standards of North America and Europe, as well as the ASTM D4236 LHAMA safety labeling requirements.

  1. CPSIA Act of 2008- Section 108 – Pthalates
  2. ASTM D-4236 -Confirming that the products have been properly labeled for chronic health hazards, in accordance with the federal Labeling Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA)
  3. CPSIA Section 101 – Total Lead In Paints & Surface Coating

Our paints are not intended for use on items that may come into contact with a child’s mouth.

Is your paint safe to use during pregnancy?

As with the baby question, above, our paints are VOC free, and have been certified as non-toxic. While this means our paints are considered safe for the general population, we can’t guarantee that they won’t affect different people in different ways. We recommend that you consult your physician before using our products, or any others while pregnant or nursing.

Is your paint safe for spray applications?

Our paints are not intended for use in spray applications. Our paints are non-toxic in liquid form, but when sprayed, it can be broken down into small enough molecules to be breathed in. Small particles such as these can be inhaled, and may have adverse health effects.

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