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Fusion Stains

Our Stain & Finishing Oil All in One does just as it says! It add color, and adds a sealing oil at the same time!

 This oil penetrates into the wood leaving no surface layer or film, rather it soaks into the wood. This is great if you have heavy use areas likes floors or table tops as it won’t gauge out like a urethane or varnish.

If you’ve got a piece with stunning wood grain, show it off with our Stain & Finishing Oil.

There is nothing quite like using a natural oil to bring out the true beauty bare wood.

Available in 6 stunning colours, you can go from traditional with Golden Pine and Capuccino to contemporary with Driftwood, Ebony, White and Natural clear!

This Oil is so easy to use! Simple prep your surface by removing any existing coating on it so that the bare wood is revealed. Apply as many coats as desired. 1 Coat will be transparent like a stain, 2 coats will be solid like a paint.

The pigment in it stains your wood accentuating the grain. It has a combination of natural oils and resins that penetrate into the wood fibers to create a durable, scratch resistant, waterproof finish.

It does not leave a surface film that sits on top, rather it soaks in and becomes part of your wood. It is ideal for wooden table tops as it has excellent resistance to abrasions and can be washed over and over again!

This is a highly concentrated oil blend so a little will go a long way!

This small container will cover what 1 Litre of comparable stains do on the market! This oil will give 2 to 3 times more coverage than any water based stains.
Composed of plant products, Safflower oil, Tung oil, Linseed oil, Vegetable wax, safe odorless mineral solvent and cobalt free siccative which means effective drying without toxic cobalt dryers while being virtually odorless.


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