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Milk Paint By Fusion


Milk Paint: Meet Endless Possibilities
We’re flipping the perception of milk paint on its head! Introducing
Milk Paint by Fusion – a new line of curated mix-and-go shades designed
to bring an instant boost of color to your space. Let us show you all the possibilities that Milk Paint has to offer, and change some of those preconceived notions you have about milk paint.

You could say we are passionate about milk paint – and for good reason.
It’s at the very core of what we do and how we got our start 30 years
ago. Since then, our recipe has remained unchanged – the same extra
fine pigments and raw ingredients. This has been a total game changer
for such a historical product – and it’s now easier than ever to
mix-and-go, and get that ultra-durable finish milk paint is known for.

It’s easier than making your morning Shake!

Using our Milk Paint is simpler than making your morning protein shake – just add water and stir. It's that easy!

So, are you ready to whip up a batch of Milk Paint?

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