Iron Orchid Designs Stamps

IOD stamps are silicone stamps that are flexible and reusable. Start by removing the acrylic sheet attached to the stamping side of the design, while leaving the stamps attached to their backing sheet. Using a fine grit sand block scuff or rough up the stamping surface. Lightly sand in one direction and then rotate the craft stamp 90 degrees and sand lightly in a different direction. 

Some of the stamps work best if you pull the stamp off the backing and use a thin mount when stamping. Others work best if you leave the backing on and then there are some that we keep the backing on but cut each stamp out separately. 

The stamps can be used with a variety of mediums such as: paint, ink, embossing paste, edible gel paste. The surfaces on which to apply the stamps are nearly endless. The types of surfaces on which you can stamp are nearly endless and include furniture, fabric, ceramics, walls, floors and sugar arts.

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