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What is so great about Fusion Mineral Paint™?

Is Fusion™ the same as a Chalk-like Paint?

What is 100% acrylic paint?

How long does it take to dry?

What can I use Fusion™ on?

Can I use Fusion™ Outside?

Can I use Fusion™ on Metal or Glass?

Can I use Fusion™ on my Kitchen Cabinets or Bathroom Vanity?

How should I prep my piece?

How much paint do I need for my projects?

Can you really paint any surface with Fusion™ Mineral Paint?

Can I distress or get a layered look?

Do I have to finish my piece with wax?

When do I use Fusion™ Tough Coat™?

What’s the shelf life of Fusion™ Mineral Paint?

Can you use Fusion™ for exterior surfaces?

Is it UV-resistant?

Can I use Fusion™ for interior areas with increased humidity?

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